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At iRock School of Music, we believe every child deserves a brighter future. Our in-school rock and pop band lessons provide an amazing confidence boosting experience for children by making music fun!

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Trusted by thousands of parents and schools

Unleash Their Full Potential

Across the UK, thousands of children experience the benefits of iRock lessons every week. The iRock programme has been designed to be totally inclusive for children regardless of their ability or background.

  • No Experience Needed
  • Exam free qualification
  • Fun and Relevant Songs
  • Great teachers
  • Reception to Year 6
  • During School Time
  • Instruments provided
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Making music fun

幸运10澳洲168历史记录查询分析视频:官网开奖结果记录与关键内容 Our goal is to help students gain confidence

Being part of a band is being part of a team. Through regular teaching sessions from our experienced and passionate band coaches, we help children develop not only musical skills but also life skills that provide a solid foundation for later life.

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Familiar environment

Children's motivation at the centre

Children can choose whether to learn the drums, keyboard, electric guitar or vocals prior to their first lesson. As a band, the children then pick their own band name and the songs they'd like to play.

A passion for music

《幸运10澳洲168历史记录查询分析视频:彻底了解开奖结果与官方计划平台》 Meet some of our coaches

All of our band coaches are passionate about getting children inspired, sounding fantastic and making them feel like real musicians. iRock are dedicated to the building of confidence and wellbeing in children through being part of a band.
Our friendly and experienced teachers are passionate about music. They pride themselves as being active musicians who regularly play gigs and release their own music as part of a band or as a solo artist.

At iRock, we pride ourselves on the quality of our coaches. You can expect the following from our teachers:

  • First hand experience playing in bands
  • Ability to adapt songs to children's musical level
  • Enhanced DBS check and trained in safeguarding
  • A love and passion for music whilst helping children grow and succeed
  • A commitment to creating a positive band experience for all chidren, no matter their musical ability
About team 4

Jamie Gillman

Band Coach

About team 2

James Needs

Band Coach

About team 3

Whitney Cooper

Band Coach

About team 1

Rory White

Band Coach

通过这篇文章和视频,读者将全面了解幸运10澳洲168,掌握查询历史记录、分析开奖结果和利用官方计划平台的技巧,从而提高在游戏中的竞争力。 See what parents are saying

iRock teaches thousands of children in schools across the UK and over the years have received countless positive comments from parents who have seen their children thrive, developing in confidence and wellbeing.

Anna Hunt

"My daughter joined iRock in Reception year and is really pleased to be back to it (now in Year 4). For me, iRock is about a lot more than music. It teaches children some really valuable life skills - confidence, self esteem and team work. It's also great fun and Mike is a fantastic teacher!"

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Vicky Mayne

"... As a teacher, I’ve seen my pupils enjoying their sessions and growing in confidence (not just musically but socially too) but this year I’ve seen what it has done for my 6 year old daughter. She has absolutely flourished and the high point of her week is a Tuesday because IT’S iRock DAY!!! ..."

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Elzane Pretorius

"My son loves his iRock sessions at school and have also done a week summer camp with them. They make music fun and relevant. He does not even notice he is learning! "

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Sheryl Coutinho

"My son has been learning music for last few months. And I must say that he has built confidence trying to play different tunes on his keyboard. Thank you iRock."

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Confidence never sounded so Good